How Do I Choose the Right Paint Colors for My Home Renovation in Northern Virginia?

How Do I Choose the Right Paint Colors for My Home Renovation in Northern Virginia?

If you are completing a home renovation in Northern Virginia, an incredibly important aspect of your project is the paint colors you choose for each room. Even if you are a fan of keeping it simple and painting most rooms the same color, you should understand that different paint colors and shades have different effects. Understanding what each paint color does can help you truly give each room of your house the look you want.

As home renovation experts, we are dedicating to ensuring every room of your home looks great, starting with the paint color. Here is our guide to various paint colors and how they affect your home:


Warm Colors: Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow. Because these colors are bright and energizing, warm colors are a good choice for common areas where you want to encourage socialization and conversation, such as in a living room, kitchen, or recreation room. Red in particular has been proven to elevate heart rate, making it a better choice for the shared living spaces instead of private bedrooms or bathrooms where people go to relax. Warm colors can also have the effect of making a room appear smaller and more intimate, which helps bring people together.


Cool Colors: Blues, purples, and blue-greens are considered cool colors. Cool colors are very calming and soothing, making them a popular choice for bedrooms. These colors often make rooms feel airy and bigger, which can be the perfect choice to make a small bedroom seem bigger and more comfortable. Cool colors like as pastel blues can make a room feel colder, however, so it is often best to use them in rooms that are warmer and/or get a lot of sunlight. While completing your home renovation, think carefully about which rooms can benefit the most from cooler shades.


Neutral Colors: Neutral colors include white, gray, black, and some shades of brown. As their name implies, these colors do not create as strong of an effect as warm or cool colors. They do serve as a good base for walls if you plan to fill the room with bright warm or cool colored furnishings like decorations and furniture. These could be a good choice for hallways or other areas of the home you do not need to create a big effect for.


Don’t Forget the Ceiling!

Your home’s ceiling is always overhead, but usually is not something you think about even in the back of your mind. White is the most common paint color for ceilings, and when giving your walls a new coat of paint, you may not even plan to touch the ceiling. However, painting your ceiling can create different effects, depending on the shade you use. Just like with painting walls, a ceiling painted with warm colors will feel lower (making the room seem shorter) and a ceiling with cool colors will feel higher (making the room seem taller). When choosing paint colors for your home renovation, consider giving your ceiling a pop of paint for a cool effect.


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