Bathroom Design

Northern Virginia Bathroom Design and Remodel


Your home’s bathroom is such an important, intimate space for you and your family. Every single morning, the members of your household use the bathroom to bathe, brush teeth, and prepare for the day ahead. Why shouldn’t one of the most important rooms in your house be both beautiful and functional? If your bathroom is overdue for a new look, performing a bathroom remodel can give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted.


Whether you want to completely redo your bathroom or make a few simple upgrades, contact Craft Master Design & Remodeling for your next bathroom remodel project. We are dedicated to working closely with you at every step of the design and remodel process. We provide bathroom design and remodel services in Northern Virginia and can help you design and build every part of your new bathroom.


Installing a counter in your bathroom gives more flair and elegance than a regular standing sink. With so many counter top materials to choose from—granite, vinyl, wood, and more—including a counter in your bathroom remodel can increase the room’s beauty and functionality.


While sinks serve a very functional purpose in your bathroom, picking the right sink style can make it a beautiful tool, as well. From bowl sinks to under mount sinks and everything in between, we can help you choose the perfect sink for your bathroom.

Showers and bathtubs:

There are almost endless possibilities for customizing your bathtub and/or shower, which are perhaps two of the most crucial features of a bathroom. You can choose a bathtub/shower combo or shower enclosure and choose from multiple tile designs. You can pick between a glass shower door or simple shower curtain, a metal shower rod versus a plastic one, and much more.


Your toilet has a big job to do, and picking a model that is reliable while still fitting in with your bathroom’s aesthetic is an important aspect to consider when remodeling your bathroom. We can walk you through the benefits of different toilet types and help you choose the one that’s right for you.


A bathroom’s lighting might need a little more consideration than some of the other areas of your home. The lighting in your bathroom should be bright enough so your family can see what they’re doing as they brush their teeth, comb their hair, and put on makeup. The right light fixture design can also give your entire bathroom a simple but stylish facelift.

Bathroom additions:

Maybe your family’s growing and having everyone share only two bathrooms makes it hard for everyone to get ready in the morning. Maybe you want to add a half bath to your main level for your guests’ convenience. Whatever your reason for adding another bathroom, we can help you design and build it!


At Craft Master, You are Our Priority

Craft Master Design & Remodeling is proud to serve the Northern Virginia region with bathroom design and remodel services. Homeowners who work with Craft Master will receive an experience they will not find at other Northern Virginia home remodeling firms. We are dedicated to seeing your project through at every step of the way, from the moment you call us all the way through to you using your brand new bathroom for the first time. We desire to bring your dream bathroom to life, we can help you design every individual detail of your bathroom while providing our expert advice when requested. Our team will even be happy to accompany you to the store to pick out new tile, paint, plumbing, and whatever else your remodeled bathroom needs!

Our customizable approach, attention to detail, and ability to go above and beyond set us apart from the competition. No matter if you are completing a full-scale bathroom remodel or are simply looking to install new shower tile, we are here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Contact us today at (703) 209 5828 to get your bathroom remodel project started!